It is so slow backing up, how can i check it is ok?

Hi i have had my MBL for a couple of months now, the first time i backed up my Mac Book Pro i connected to MBL with a cable and it didnt seem to take overly long to perform its task happily, and then, i let the back up’s laspe for over three weeks, so when i back up again there is 30gb to back up, i sat looking at it for a while and it an hour to get just 1gb of the 30gb, i thought [Deleted] that aint right, so i stopped it.

I then tried a supposedly newer fast router, without any internet connection so for the same 30gb i left it on all [Deleted] night 8 hours and it had only done 8gb, i thought this silly. so i stopped it again.

thinking i might have done something wrong i reset it back to factory condition, erasing my backup and started again, this time it estmated 21 days !!!, absolutely stoopid.

I have now gone back to my previous Time Machine drive, a 1TB USB WD My Passport, it is now backing up 78 gig no estimate of time given that i can see but i CAN see that the numbers are definitely going up quicker , the MyBookLive, especially when connected with a wire, is surely supposed to be quicker than a USB drive surely ? 

What can i do please ?


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support