My computer doesn't detect My Passport


I recently upgraded to a new PC, and my HDD had been working fine. I used it to transfer files from my laptop to the new PC.

There was a bit of an issue with the graphics card and I had to reboot my PC a several times and when I finally got the PC to work, my external hdd stopped working.

I can see the power LED light, I can hear the humming. On system tray there is a proof (Safely remove hardware and eject media thing) the HDD is powered up and connected to the PC. When I open ‘Devices and Printers’, I can clearly see my HDD is connected. But that is about it. My Computer doesn’t detect there is another drive. I connected it to other computers and other computers can detect and use the HDD. I have another WD My passport, and it works fine on the PC and the laptop.

It cannot be detected by My Computer so I cannot assign/modifiy drive letters. Also WD Smartware says Disc Discovering and never finishes it. 

My passport detail
Product Number: WDBACX0010BBL-00
Size: 1TB

Please advise me why this is happening and possible fixes asap as I need to use it for university.


Try downloading the SES drivers.

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any ppl can give me opinion…my WD hardisk just use few month …it cant detect by my laptop…and it has the humming sound when i insert the cable. my passport WX31C32W4157…

WD passport totally cannot detected by my pc!! [ New ]


‎03-11-2012 11:35 PM

CRYING!!! THIS morning i try to copy some files to the external hdd that i bought last year!!!but typically slow…!!!

The 1GB files usually i copy inside takes a few seconds only but now taking for more than 5 minutes…and later…my external hdd starts disconnecting itself…!!! after that i plug it in!!!only the lights keep blinking but cannot be shown on my computer there…

What i do is-> try to plug it in to another computer but same things occurs!!cannot be read!!

Things show when i try to connect to PC

1)Typically slow…1GB files takes 5minutes and above to copy … (original time to copy 1GB files --> a few seconds) 

2)Disconnecting itself

3)Try to plug in to another computer but fail

  1. Sometimes can be read by computer…but when i open the folder…typically slow…takes 1 or 2 minutes to show

  2. Sometimes it show this hard disk must be formatted before it can be used

  3. Now i totally cannot connect it…light keep blinking only…

  4. Driver can be detected by pc but the hard disk cannot be shown…

Way to rescue?? HELP!! my files inside are very important!!!


1TB RED WD passport essential  1TB  HDDWDPE0010BRD

Bought at jun/2012 year 

not more than 6 month…

Sounds like that drive hard failed, humming sound is not a good news.

If files are important take it to hard drive recovery specialist, or try data recovery software at your own risk. Keep in mind that software can further harm the drive and make data unrecoverable - true story

Thank you, that solved the problem.  I had just upgraded to Windows 8 and my computer no longer detected My Passport. I had first though since some hardware had failed originally that it had affected the drive also, but my netbook detected it. I’m so glad it works as this contains alot of family pictures I have most backed up on DVDexcept for the recent ones.

Hei ,

My probleme for WD smartware does`nt detect my computer .