WD passport totally cannot detected by my pc!

CRYING!!! THIS morning i try to copy some files to the external hdd that i bought last year!!!but typically slow…!!!

The 1GB files usually i copy inside takes a few seconds only but now taking for more than 5 minutes…and later…my external hdd starts disconnecting itself…!!! after that i plug it in!!!only the lights keep blinking but cannot be shown on my computer there…

What i do is-> try to plug it in to another computer but same things occurs!!cannot be read!!

Things show when i try to connect to PC

1)Typically slow…1GB files takes 5minutes and above to copy … (original time to copy 1GB files --> a few seconds) 

2)Disconnecting itself

3)Try to plug in to another computer but fail

  1. Sometimes can be read by computer…but when i open the folder…typically slow…takes 1 or 2 minutes to show

  2. Sometimes it show this hard disk must be formatted before it can be used

  3. Now i totally cannot connect it…light keep blinking only…

  4. Driver can be detected by pc but the hard disk cannot be shown…

Way to rescue?? HELP!! my files inside are very important!!!


2.5" 500GB BLACK WD passport essential 500GB WDBACKY5000ABK-PESN 

Bought since last year 04/22/2011

GOT any warranty??

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you are right about the warranty part…

bad drive it is…

replace it 

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How about the data inside … typically important for me >.<…

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I’m in the same boat with a 1TB.  If you break the seal it voids the warranty but it cost over $500.00 to get your data.  

I think WD should reimburst for defective equipment.

This 1 TB was my back up to all of my computers and other externals and now i’m in a creek with no paddle.   I sent a message to WD to see if they will paid for data recovery on 8 March no answer yet.

None of the drive makers cover data recovery. Never trust important data to just one drive no matter who makes it internal or external. Most of us have learned the hard way about backing up data. One copy is not a backup.


D:…my 2 pc backup files inside lol…if all gone…i nid to take about 1 year to get back all the files !!! what a lousy external HDD!!! just buy it for 11 months only…i never drop it or anything!!! Die by itself!!!

If they were backup files you should still have the original files else where. If they were your only copy then you didn’t make a backup you simply moved the files.



Thanks for stating the obvious for most hard drives but at what point is WD held accountable for defective products?  Sure they will replace it but only if you use one of their data recovery companies that are charging an arm and a leg for about 20 mins of  work.  If its defective they should pay for the recovery of data also.

This was my back up and investing in a 1 TB and forking over some $$$ you would like it to work longer than a year.  I"m in the same boat as eddy.  Mine last less than 11 months also.  OBVIOUSLY its defective if a PC will not even detect it.

nope…i simply move all the files inside…D:!!!all my photo!!!all my VIDEO!!! DYING now lol…!!!

D: i hope the data is safe inside T^T…with a repaired hdd back for me

Hmm…i got a problem…how to i give this failure hard disk to the WD??

I had the same problem. Returned to WD and got a new one. So good so far.

Today I had connected the new disk to my laptop for the second time. Nothing happends.

With a colleague checked the disk and find out out the connector seemd to been set to far into the disk. The cable does not connect properly.

This afternoon send an email to WD. I hope the will be aswering my email soon.

Hmm…they sent you another new one with all data erase??

-.-…i just got a problem…how do i send the hard disk to them!!!

My Passpot is showing the same symptoms. As of today, I cannot access data on it at all. The drive just keeps blinking and when I try to unplug it, the popup says I need to format it before I want to use it. I dont want to do that!!! _ _My wedding photos are there, as well as many other older memories. What shall I do??  I need to get this data back!!

:frowning: please help.