My cloud setup

Hello. I tried several times to set up wd mycloud for the first time but when i entered all the details its says “An error occurred when creating your cloud”. Please help me to fix it

Are you using the setup-software or the setup-page

Yes i am but it always show the same error. Im tired of resetting this thing.

Make a reset on your device (see manual).
Clean your browser-cache.
I you use Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender or other suites, turn off the software-firewall (not the antivirus-scanner itself).

I already cleared the cached but still im getting the same error. I even turned off my antivirus which is Mcafee.

i need to have the dashboard so i put my network range on it. I dont know why its so hard to create a cloud.

by the way im using the set up page…

because when i tried to run the setup software the issue is its not detecting the WD cloud as its not on my network range. We use static IP to connect to the internet.

Can you check within your router to see if it shows up on the IP Tables?
Once the IP is found then can you ping the My Cloud?

The light on the My Cloud (Front panel) should be “Blue”

What are the light (Color) in the rear of the My Cloud. This shows if connected/and network speed.

i can ping the IP thats shows on the cloud and the color of the rear light is blue

The color in the rear should be “Green” if on 1GB connection and “Yellow” if on 10/100.

Can you open a browser and type in the IP in the address bar and that should open up the Dashboard. From there you can configure the My Cloud. No need to use any WD setup programs.

i tried already but check the screenshot.

in both http and https it shows forbidden

Ok … lets try re-setting the My Cloud and start from scratch.

Do a 40 second reset. This can be found in the Manual:
Resetting the WDMyCloud Device

Resetting with Power Off
At the same time as you plug power into the WD My Cloud device, press the Reset button
and hold for about 40 seconds. The device undergoes a system restore and powers on.

If you have set a password or a static IP address on the WD My Cloud dashboard and have
forgotten it, This resets the password to the default value of none and to default IP settings.
The default IP setting is DHCP. Resetting does not erase your files.

WARNING! Do not move the unit while it is turned on. If you do not have
access to the back of the unit, unplug the device from the power
source, turn the device around so you do have access, and then
plug the device in again.

Lets see if that clears any anomalies. Then re-boot your router and My Cloud and recheck the IP table to see what the My Cloud IP is.

Activate dhcp in you router. Than you can reach the dashboard and enter your static ip. Than turn off dhcp in your router. looks like a global (external) IP address, not a local IP address.

You need to enter the local IP address of your MyCloud. Local IP addresses are of the form


this is what i receive when it detects the WD my cloud

When you state “this is what i receive when it detects the WD my cloud” … where do you receive this information from?
WD Setup program?
Router IP Table?

Maybe we need to go back to basics…

Tell us how your local network is configured; where is the MyCloud connected, and where is your PC connected?
Are you accessing the MyCloud local to your network, or remotely?

If your MyCloud is connected to your modem/router, can you access your router’s UI and find out what IP address it has allocated to the MyCloud? If so, enter that address into a web browser, followed by /UI/ and you should get access to the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, you can set up the MyCloud using the instructions on p16 onwards of the MyCloud User Manual.

WD Setup portal through WEB