My cloud setup

That IP, it means it timeout trying to find a DCHP server. If you have it connected to your router, it did not find a DCHP server. is reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing

Lets go back to the beginning. How is your physical setup?

You need to login to your Router and look at the IP Table of your router and find the IP of the My Cloud.

Do you know how to login to your router?
Is this setup at home or office?

As Shabuboy stated: How is your physical setup? … The more you tell us the better and more direct our help can be.

I’ll iterate again , you do NOT need any WD Setup programs for this device.

This set up is in office. Can i try to set it up at home just to go to the dashboard and assign the static ip range in the office? Im thinking if I set it up at home, do i get the dashboard on my office computer rather than on my personal laptop.

Just in case you haven’t seen it…

You can only access the Dashboard on the same local network as the MyCloud; so, either access it on your office network (assuming there is a local network there), or bring it home, connect it to your router, and access the Dashboard there.