My Cloud remote access failed

I am abroad from UK at the moment for several weeks. I was able to access my files on My Cloud back home in London perfectly well last night using the app on my ipad. Then I turned off the app, thinking to save battery. Now I can’t access my files. The message comes up that only local files are available. Is there any way I can re-access my device back in London from here (India)?

Open port 443 and 80 on your router.

For more information follow this guide:

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Thanks for your very detailed information/solution. Not all of this is possible as I have no access to my router at home and dare not fiddle with my host’s router here. A good deal of what you suggest at other stages is, unfortunately, beyond me. I had hoped that this device would work for relatively ignorant people like myself. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get back to UK. But thanks again for your input. If anyone has a less complex idea, I’d be grateful. It seems strange that the remote access should fail simply because I turned off an app - that doesn’t happen with other apps.