My cloud pr4100 hit by ransomeware

my cloud pr4100 hit by ransomeware, how to recover my data. I tried to connect my local pc. but it’s not working. how to download my data.

Note there is a dedicated subforum for the PR series since that device is different than the single bay My Cloud that is generally discussed in this My Cloud subforum.

There is some discussion in another thread where a user apparently got hit with ransomwhere.

First thing to do is scan all devices on the network to ensure they are not infected since typically the ransomware is run by a local network computer and infects devices it finds on the local network. Next is to investigate the My Cloud/NAS device to see if it is accessible or facing the internet where it could be susceptible to hacking. If one has made backups of their NAS/My Cloud one can investigate if the backup is also infected. If not then restore from the backup.

I connected my local pc I tried open explore. but it’s open web. i tried to download getting message timeout. I have recovery Tool

Its not quite clear what you are attempting to do. If you are attempting to access the My Cloud hard drive after connecting it to a Windows PC, you will need to use a Linux driver/emulator program since the My Cloud hard drives typically are formatted in a Linux format.

Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software

There is more discussion at the following link on getting Windows to recognise a single bay/single drive My Cloud drive.

Thank you

How to restore my old data.

Have you backed up that data to another location? Your probably better off in the PR subforum where users more familiar with that device’s options/features may be able to assist.