My Cloud OS5 - Indexing taking forever

Try this for your device fans to actually pick up speeds. For some reason, PR4100 fans are set not to speed up unless hard disk temperature rises to dangerous levels in my opinion, assuming its similar for PR2100.

Thanks. Interesting.

My PR4100 fan speed has stayed constant at 540 rpm throughout the process.

My PR2100 fan speed seems to stay at 1080 rpm during normal use, but did rise to 1154 rpm during the indexing and thumbnail generating process.

However, I haven’t let the drives get really warm as they are getting cold fresh air directly.

Also, I am running 4 TB WD Red NASWare 3.0 Drives (WD40EFRX-68N32NO) in the PR2100. I am running 8 TB WD Red NasWare 3.0 Drives (WD80EFAX-68LHPN0) in the PR4100.

Lot’s of confusion on this one.

What I was told is that this is necessary to secure a HTTPS connection to the NAS. . . using a certificate from “Let’s encrypt” (I might not have that quite right).

What happens is the NAS phones home (on a regular basis) to a WD server, which registers the address of the NAS to a public DNS server. Then, when your browser attempts to connect to the NAS, it does a standard DNS search to get the address.

Not really clear on how the certificate stuff works.

If you are not connected to the internet, none of that works. The device will connect via HTTP directly to the NAS, and a browser may through a certificate error.

Personally - - -I don’t really understand how any of this works. But from what little I do know. . . .I want no part of it. The whole DNS publication thing rots. I often block access to the drive from the router.

My EX 2 Ultra 8TB has been indexing for 7 days now and still indexing. This is rubbish. How do I get it back to OS3.

Regarding performance, I am not experiencing any performance degradation on either the PR2100 or PR4100 during the indexing and generating thumbnail processes. I am running Plex on both.

Also using the PR4100 for file serving and document management without issue during the process.

Additionally, backing iPhones and iPads to the PR4100 using the MyCloud App (which is vastly in improved in OS5) without any performance constraints. I’ll acknowledge that the not all the folders show up in the MyCloud app or until the indexing is complete.

Lastly, backing up laptops via Acronis seems to also run without performance impact.

All in all, after I got over the initial shock of needing 3-4 days to complete the processes, I am glad I migrated to OS5…so far.

Here are the measured experiences I have captured for a PR4100 during an upgrade to OS5.


  • PR4100 – 16 GB RAM, 32 TB Total NAS, 16 TB Usable in RAID 10
  • OS5 Firmware = 5.09.115


  • Video (Movies and TV Shows) – 4.18 TB, 5,962 files
  • Music – 40.6 GB, 8,687 files
  • Photos – 47.4 GB, 17,296 files
  • Docs – 70 GB, 20,432 files

Process Duration and Storage Increase

  • Indexing - 20 hrs
  • Generating Previews - 96 hrs
  • 400 GB additional space used for Previews.
  • CPU averaged around 24% during entire process.
  • Memory averaged around 13% for entire process. Note that this server has 16 GB RAM.

Other Observations

  • Having a RAID 10 configuration probably both hurt and helped the process duration. Having mirrored drives likely extended the process. Having striped drives likely helped the process.
  • Keeping drives <=38 degrees C by blowing fan on front of unit while back of unit is facing a slightly open window with outside temps ranging from 20-36 degrees F.
  • No appreciable performance degradation noticed during the indexing and preview generating processes. This server is used as both a Plex Server and a general NAS.

Probably because it doesn’t have a Desktop PC processor. Instead it has Marvell ARMADA 385 Dual-Core at 1.3GHz… nothing to compare

Hello - I’ve been indexing for ten days. I have a 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra on 5.09.115. 4TB Raid 1.
1.8TB used. 600GB 28k Media files.
How long can I expect this to run? I don’t use the NAS often but when I do it is slow with media files. TIA

changed to os5 3 days ago. WD Mirror 4TB with 3.2 TB available.
Indexing is running ever since. CPU load = apx. 90%
cannot be true!!!
very disappointing

24 hours later still no changes.
indexing …indexing…indexing
only change since yesterday: i have no more access as the unit is tooooooo busy with itself

Holy Heck I wish I hadn’t updated. I have a 32TB PR4100… Currently at 19% after 49 hours…

If I did the math right this could take 30 days !

another 24 hrs later nas cannot be reached.
too busy coz of indexing!!!
don’t even see my %

Still indexing 20+ days later. TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra on 5.09.115. 4TB Raid 1.
1.8TB used. 600GB 28k Media files.
Crazy, access to the device is so slow. Can’t see any percentage.

image after 6 more hours of just sitting and waiting i somehow managed to access my NAS.
!!!after 6 days!!! indexing is now at 1%

I’m jealous in German you get a %

to get a % took 3 days :wink:

@kop Have you opened a case with support regarding your indexing and provided the system logs? If no, please do so that we can have a look. Let me know our case number.

not yet, but gladly will.
what log file do you need?
i asume one from /var/log

Need the entire system log for a thorough investigation.

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

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