My Cloud OS5 - Attached WD Passport changed to read only

My Ultra EX2 was updated to OS5, after the update my two attached WD Passports would not display in the OS5 app for iOS/iPad, displayed and functioned perfectly from windows 10. I ejected, rebooted the EX2, both displayed and now indexing. However when I access from iOS/iPAD both drives show READ ONLY, I cannot upload anything from iOS/iPAD - but I can from my PC. Is it read only on iDevices during indexing or is something else wrong. Any recommendations/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

@Ronnv : are you logged in as the same user when you are transferring files from PC and the app? Can you check from the dashboard, users to see if the user has read/write access to the shares?

Thank you for the reply. Yes signed in as the same user. Unfortunately I’m not currently with the EX2, but I’m pretty sure Public was greyed out, I just need to confirm that.