My Cloud Mobile App for Kindle Fire

Where can I find this App. Not available on the App Store, on Kindle, and Kindle is not Android or IOS. I have read that it may be available, but no specific details as to how to get it. Is it available?

There is no WD MC app for Kindle Fire tablets. Apparently, WD does not want to support that platform, as I have repeatedly requested they support this popular tablet. The request falls on deaf ears. I also have iOS phones and tables, and the MC app works well on those devices.

I have made a pretty good search for appropriate Kindle versions of well regarded Android media apps and finally settled on installing and using two different apps. One is called Avia, and the other is Bubble/UPnP and are free at the Kindle app store. I use both apps interchangeably for accessing and playing media files on my Kindle Fire HD tablets (mostly music and videos) from my WD NAS and other devices on my home network. Avia is a little simpler for first time users, and later graduate to Bubble. It is feature packed, which can make for more complexity and usefullness. Try them both,

I like the iOS version of the My Cloud app on my phones/iPads, but these two Kindle apps in some ways are better than the iOS MC app; they can do things the iOS app can’t, such as play music from playlists. I have made comments throughout this forum regarding these two apps, so search this forum for the names of each app for more info and discussions.

The Kindle Fire operating system IS based on Android. However Amazon has limited Kindle Fire users to the Amazon App store rather than the Google Play Store where the two WD My Cloud mobile apps for Android are offered. One can blame WD for not pushing their apps to the Amazon app store or one can blame Amazon for creating the “walled garden” environment for the Kindle Fire tablets that forces people to use only the Amazon app store.

There are ways to add the Google Play Store app to a Kindle Fire HD tablet but doing so generally involves rooting the Kindle Fire HD.

How to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD

Here are the direct links to the Google Play Store WD My Cloud apps for Android:

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I did not mention in my post that I had installed the Google version of the Android My Cloud on my two Kindles and it only partially worked and was prone to crashing. I had to “sideload” the App to get it on the Kindle, and if the Google store does not detect an android device accessing the store, it won’t serve up the download. The workaround for this was to download the app from an app repository called Mobile1.

It’s all an exercise in frustration, so best to install Avia and Bubble/UPnP apps which in many ways are better than the MC app anyway, and just move on and use these other two apps on Kindle…

BTW, Amazon once did have the MC app listed in the early days of the app, They removed it because WD has not updated thir Android version for Kindles for a long time. The issue rests with WD; there are many, many Kindle versions of popular apps and manufacturer apps in the Kindle Store (and WD is absent)!

In some ways, the Fire tablets I have are “better” than the iPads I also have,(e.g they can play playlists from my network, and the built-in mini HDMI out port is handy). In other ways, the iOS device is so much better. If I had to choose one over the other for daily use, the iPad wins hands down. Glad I have both tablets, tho.

While WD is partially at fault, the ultimate blame lies with Amazon for locking down the Fire tablets so pretty much only apps from the Amazon store are allowed to be installed on the Fire, and not the run of the mill Android apps from the Google Play store that can be installed on a whole host of other Android tablets and smartphones.

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No argument there, and is one reason my Kindle is less of a tablet than my iPad, but I got it originally to have a small tablet to take with me sometimes, as it was half the price of the iPad; i’d rather damage or lose a Kindle than an iPad! I also got the larger Kindle when Amazon was blowing them out later. A Kindle has its place in the world.

I’ll also add that as group, the iOS apps have a better look and feel than the Android apps.

Someone said that he’d rather damage or lose a kindle than iPad. Well I think you cannot compare these two just because of the price in first place. In the balance of the model of the kindle and the iPad. And it is stupid to compare these two. An ebook and a tablet? Come on. Maybe you should choose a candle that you will be afraid of damaging. You may seek a good comparison between two kindles on