My Cloud mirror gen2 keeps crashing when both drives are attached

I got a second hand my cloud mirror gen2 and whenever I plug it in with both hard rives attached it keeps crashing, and rebooting forever, however if I plug it in with only one drive (either one) it works.
I got myself a third party power adapter from Amazon.

Could it be that my power adapter is simply too weak to power the device with both drives attaches?

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My Cloud Mirror Personal Storage Drive User Manual (

My Cloud Mirror Gen2 4TB Power Supply Spec? - My Cloud OS 3 Personal & Network Attached Storage / My Cloud Mirror - WD Community

This devices want a 36w (12V x 3 amp) power supply.

The one in your hand appears to be a 12V; 1.5A = (V*A = P) 18w charger.

thanks :slight_smile:

YEs, that’s the power supply for a single-drive MyCloud. Your two-drive Mycloud need the 3 amp P/S