My Cloud Mirror (Gen1) Migrate to EX 2 Ultra

I have a Mycloud Mirror 12 TB, i just got a mycloud EX2 Ultra 2. Can I get take the HD’s from the Mirror and plug them in the enclosure for the Ultra Ex 2?

My understanding from this forum is that you can take the drives from an EX2 and put them in an EX2 Ultra. The MyCloud Mirror is almost identical to the EX2 so the chances are that you can do this too.

However, as Dirty Harry said… “Do ya feel lucky?”


If your MyCloud Mirror is a gen 2, then you gain essentially nothing from migrating to the EX2 Ultra but if it’s a gen 1 then this is definitely worth it.

Can you remove the Mirror first gen hard drives and install them in a diskless EX2 Ultra enclosure/ Yes. However, you likely will have to format the drives for use in the EX2 Ultra. So backup any user data on the Mirror drive first before installing them to the EX2 Ultra. If you haven’t done so already see the WD Support page for the EX2 Ultra and review/read the user manual for the device to see what options there are when installing hard drives into the unit.