My Cloud Home usage and impact on broadband

I bought a 2TB My Home Cloud drive few days ago. It is connecred to the router and accessabke from my laptop. I am about to copy over about 850GB of data to it from my laptop witin my home. Can someone help me understand the impact to my ISP broadband. Dats transfer is within home network so I dont think there should be any significant hit to the broadband, right?

I later googled and found this from 2014: Broadband Usage . The 5th post, or reply, is where my focus is. I hope this is correct.

It won’t take up much bandwidth on your home network and has no impact on any ISP data limits … but transferring 850GB of data is gonna take a Loooooong time going through your modem/router :worried:

Two alternate ways which should be quicker and not use any bandwidth.

I would try the “Import from USB” option Page 12 of the User Manual

Or connecting your Laptop directly to the My Cloud via an Ethernet Cable (this will bypass your modem/router not taking up any bandwidth from your home network)