Broadband Usage

Hi, I’m looking to buy My Cloud 4TB and understand its implications against Home Broadband Usage.

The My cloud 4TB is connected on a local network and with my Internet Service Provider (ISP)  ie. Home Broadband. My question is, does remote access affect my home broadband usage when I’m streaming a video. My Home Broadband cannot endure usage because it has a Usage limit that is already been used.

Another thing, How can I access My Cloud at home as a local only network drive without passing through my ISP so as to avoid my ISP broadband usage. I would like to access it via a smart phone, console, pc etc. My Cloud App??




Broadband Internet connection is required for initial setup and software downloads, as well
as for remote access and mobile apps. So, I will say that it will slow down a litle be your network if you have multiple devices accessing the unit within the local network and remotely.

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Ok  great, I understand about having a internet connection remotely.

But let say I wanted to upload a 1GB file to WD My Cloud and or download of 1GB from WD My Cloud, does the remote device on its own seperate internet connection only endure the 1GB of it own usage and at Home Broadband it does not but an internet connection.      ie Remote device = 1GB,  My Cloud = 0GB, ( 2MB approx to supply data transmission). Meaning the usage is not double in size of the file seeked.

When streaming a 1GB video for example, both the source (the Cloud NAS) and the player (the mobile device) use approximately 1GB internet bandwidth EACH.

The Cloud SENDS 1GB of internet traffic.

The mobile device RECEIVES 1GB of internet traffic.

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Ok thanks. I asked in pc world they said "you can use My Cloud as a network drive. Meaning no isp or Internet. Ie. 100% local only. " Do you agree?

Local only network data/traffic would save me 100% of going over my data usage limit of 60GB a month.

It’s a dame inconvenience having a data usage limit and the fact that the source (the Cloud NAS) uploads data to remote device. I guess I knew that already but I never had endured cost of upload n download at both ends for the one file or stream.

I cannot wait for unlimited broadband.

Wow. I totally misread your question.

If you’re using it at home and your mobile device is connected via wifi to the same network, it won’t use that much internet bandwidth to stream LOCALLY, though it will use a very small amount to manage the connection itself.


Thanks again