My Cloud frequently not available remotely


I have MyCloud application on my IPhone. When I set up MyCloud to connect to my drive at home this connection is available for a day or two. After that I need to set up the connection again as if the old one have never existed. This needs to be done at home (not remotely). So if I wanted to access the files remotely often this is not possible as the drive has disconnected.

I also have similar problems connecting via website. Random access - very often drive shows unavailable.
When I get home however drive is accessible at home network.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi amazurek,

You can try to check after performing power cycle on My Cloud Mirror device and ensure the Cloud Service & Connection Status to be ON & Connected. Also you can have a look on below article in this concern:


The problem persists. Restarting and restoring firmware did not help.
Almost every time when trying to connect from my phone I get this.

What does this mean?
How to prevent this authentication revoking?