My sending 12 emails a day

Hello all!
I’m having a interesting issue.
My is sending about 11 to 12 emails A DAY. Letting me know that my my cloud is filling up.
While I appreciate that its letting me know that its almost full, I can see that in windows just fine.
Here is some pictures:

The slight data changes are something to be expected because windows writes small files every so often. Also window’s natural defrag process can explain this too.
I contacted support as well. He did ok, but he suggested that I simply remove some files from my MyCloud… That’s a… Option… but I will still be putting files on it because you know: ITS A BACK UP DRIVE. He then confirmed, as suspected, there is no area to change the email preferences in the settings or my account:

This feels like a strange oversight. One that taxes WD email servers for no good reason? WD. You may be loosing money because of this. And all you’d have to do is check to see if an email was sent within the last week. Or even let the user say weather or not they want warning emails.

Depending on what you want to do and how much of it you want to save, my suggestion, buy a new device with more storage space.

I have a three TB WDMYCLOUD and a four TB WDMYCLOUD. My next NAS will have at least six TB. I take a lot of photos and 4K video.

That’s not a solution.

Yes I can go buy more storage.
Yes I can remove files.
But I shouldn’t have to do those things in order to STOP EMAILS OF WHICH I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER FROM FLOODING MY INBOX.

This breaks the ftc CAM SPAM ACT OF 2009
It’s like you got a letter in the mail EVERY TIME YOUR CAR WENT BELOW 1/4TH OF A TANK OF GAS!
and your options you are providing is “go get a bigger car with larger tank” or “just make sure the tank of gas stays above a 1/4th tank” to avoid the messages.

This solidifys that I won’t be getting a new wd device EVER again. If you are just a regular user and not part of WD then I apologize for my rudeness, but if you are, this response will be recorded as part of harassment lawsuit and FTC filing.