My Book World Edition (White light) - Meadia Server default User & Password


I tried to configure the Media Server (Twonky ?) using the MYBook web based tool.

When I press the Media Server icon it opens the http://MyBook:9000  page and asks for an user and password.

I tried to use the admin/admin or  root/welc0me but with no success.

Can you help me with the defaut user/password  or a way to change it?

PS: I also upgraded to the last firmware yesterday and I have the same results.

The user name should be “admin” and the password should be “admin”. If that does not work try disconnecting the My Book World Edition, uninstalling the software. I went as far as doing a system recovery to before I originally installed the My Book. And try again.

Tx for your repply.

In the end I deteted the twonky ini file and restart the box.

This action reseted the password … and with Media Player Lite for Ipad works like a charm (excepting movies :))

I have an interesting error. When I click to configure the Media Server I always get an error that the page has not been found. It tries to connect to http://192.168.1.xx:9000. My NAS is set up correctly since I can get to everything else just fine. It only happens when I click on Media Server. Firefox gives me - The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded. and Explorer gives me - 

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

So here is what I am running on:


01.01.18 with MioNet
built on Wed Dec 2 15:55:04 CST 2009


hi i have the same problem. i cant access http://mybookworld:9000 cant remember the password. where i the ini file located so i can delete it ? thanks

is here: \twonky\twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini

PS: I made a backup of this file first - do the same for safety :slight_smile: