My book world edition II, admin ID& Password forgot

Dear manager,

I used  My book world edition II (White)

My book world edition II has 4 drive.

One drive ID&Password I Know

But admin  ID&Password I can’t remember

How to use admin drive?

And use the network drive mapping can recognize admin drive?

Pls help me.

Thank you.

Press reset button for 4 seconds

default user name and password is admin

Already pressed reset button for 4 seconds and got myself into the same situation.

i did (reset button at the back, unplug->power up + reset for 40 sec) did not help. Admin and all other users did not work as well.

-admin/admin, admin/123456 did not work.

I have samba access to white light (admin/admin), SSH console connection

do you know any solution for reset the admin via console or something like that?