My book wont show up ANYWHERE

I recently purchased a My Book Essential (USB 3.0), and as i plugged it in, it did not say at the bottom right “installing new driver software” it didn’t even make a sound when i plugged it into the pc. I have plugged everything in correctly. I did not see the hard drive in My Computer, Disk Management, Device Manager. I saw it NOWHERE. I am really puzzled why the hard drive is not working. I dont have any files in my External Hard Drive as it has not ever worked since i bought it. The light on the front just has been flashing rapidly and has been like that ever since i bought it.  I have been trying to fix it for 2 days but have not found a solution. PLEASE can someone post a solution? :angry:

Download the SES drives and install them on your computer, you can also try running a test with DLG. Check the links below.