My Book will not shut down or safely remove

Just added a new 2T My Book external drive to my computer and tried to safely remove it so I could shut my computer down. It says some program is using the drive and it can not be stopped at this time. I have no idea what program is using the external my book drive. How do I shut this thing down?

You don’t have to remove it before shutting down your PC

In fact, shutting down your PC with the drive attached will safely shutdown any programs using the drive and once the computer is off … you can safely remove the drive.

Now, to remove the drive while your computer is on … and it says unable to safely remove because a program is using it (most likely Windows Explorer.EXE)

i personally use a program call “Unlocker” … i can see what program(s) are accessing the drive and unlock or kill the process and then i can safely remove the drive :smiley:


JoeySmth, you said: You don’t have to remove it before shutting down your PC… When I try to shut dow my PC it says it can not shut down the My Book because it is busy and forcing it to shut down could cause data loss. I don’t want to mess things up forcing the drive to shut down. So I want to use the program to safeley stop the drive but it is busy. I will try to find the program you are talking about and see if that is an option. Thanks for the info.