My Book Live Duo - Runtime error on set up (Windows 7 OS)

Hi all - I purchased a WD My Book Live Duo in Feb 2013. All set went smoothly, set up as RAID 1 and have been very pleased so far. Now to the bad news - I have recently had a PC rebuild and moved from Vista to Windows 7. However on trying to run the setup up disk for my WD My Book Live Duo I keep getting the following error message: RuntimeError D:\Setup.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information I have searched the Forums for a solution as I didn’t find the WD Support site very helpful. I found this thread in the Community Forum boards However - when I went to the solution (page 2) and followed it the file it downloaded was simply the “WD SmartWare Installer” It did not offer the choice of files it stated - here is the stated solution: Steps: 1. Go to the WD link below to download the zip file: NAS35GOnboardingDevice_MBL_Duo_1.5.3.15_12162011​sduo.asp 2. Click on the Download now button 3. Save the zip file to your desktop and extract the files 4. You will then see the Software folder. **IGNORE all the other folders** <<<<< THERE WERE NO FILES SHOWN 5. Open the Software folder 6. Copy all of the files in Software folder to the public/Software folder in the Duo. Note: Delete any existing files in the public/Software folder first Also, I can find, map and access my WD My Book Live with no problems using Windows. I can also access it from the Web GUI. But I want to restore the WD software utilities I had. Plus my “Public” Folder does not have one titled “Software”. It only contained any new folders I had previously created - so can I simply recreate the “Software” folder into which I could insert the files stated in the above solution (If someone can help me get hold of them!!) Thanks in advance. I hope I have provided enough info for someone to help me resolve my problem. Regards

You can try using our downloads library.

This will have all of the available downloads for your drive.

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Thanks for the response. I managed to get everything I needed downloaded and am now fully up and running


Glad to know it worked.