My Book hard drives must use power adapter?

I had the My Passport external hard drives. I was wondering before buying My Book hard drive is should I always use AC Power adapter when going outdoors?
I wish it’s not a must even if it’s going to be slower. I could buy My Passport 4 TB if it’s the only option outdoors.
I’d like to know if it’s a must to use the power adapter in My Book or not - 6 TB version -?
Thanks in advance.

If a device come with a power supply then power is always need. All of the 3.5’ hard drive will need external power. All 2.5’ which is like My password does not need external power. It will draw power need from the PC/Mac when plug in using the USB cable.

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So I can’t use it with only the USB cable for emergency purposes even if it’s going to be slower. it always needs a power supply. Is that right?

WD MyBook which is 3.5" hard drive need an external power source to power on drive.

2.5" Hard Disk Drive need 0.7 to 3 Watt (USB port alone can power this drive on)
3.5" Hard Disk Drive need 6.5 to 9 Watt (USB port alone can NOT power this drive on)

So WD MyBOOK 3.5" drive always need power supple of 12 Volt from 1.5-2.0 Amp