"My Book Duo 8TB" don´t mount on my Macbook

I have recieved my new “My Book Duo 8TB” and I could not format it with Disk Utility to use it on my Mac because gave me an error, and now don’t mount on my Mac. How can I do? Is the hard disk bad? Thank you.


I recommend you to connect the drive to another USB port and then try to format it.

Also, take a look at this link:

Thank you Ryan,

I’m using MacOs Capitan.

I tried again and I formatted the disk and choose RAID I days ago.

Now, I have 500 GB of information, pictures, vital information for me that
I can not lose, It’s my work.

The “My Book Duo” tell me now after use it during 10 days without problems
that the RAID configuration is unknown.

It’s the first time that I use a Western Digital disk to keep my pictures
and sincerely, I am very preocupated.

Now, I’m trying to copy all the pictures in two portable disks that I have
until buy another disk, this is crazy, I was not expecting this.

This is crazy.