My Book 4TB Essential (USB 3.0)

Hello WD Community,

3 days ago, my external hard drive My Book Essential 4TB USB 3.0 do not show any kind of power (no light and no beep sound). Though a day before that I was just using it normally backing up some files and videos, of course I applied all the mention remedies in the WD Community and WD Support Page. So because of that I decided to open up the external hard drive by just sliding it down avoiding things that might cause any damage inside and boom! I just saw some burnt markings on the pcb bridge.

My question is, what if I decide to purchase another 4 TB Essential or another brand of WD External Hard Drive and use the new pcb bridge to the old external hard drive, will it work? I cannot afford to lose the data stored in that hard drive.

Thank you


I don’t recommend you try to do any repair attempts on the drive since this may damage the drive even more and make the data completely unrecoverable.

I recommend you contact a data recovery company in order to recover your data.

Hello Hamlet,

Thank you for the reply, yes it was suggested by the WD Support just to recover the files thru data recovery company. But sad to say, it is outside my country (PH). I really do not mind paying for the data recovery as the files on that drive is worth more than that. What bugs me is the long process, and etc. to avail the service.

Lesson Learnt … Always Have a Backup

(a second 4TB HDD for Backups is extremely cheaper than “Recovery Services” )