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I am trying to get movie info to display for all of my movies, i have suceeded but am looking to do a minor fix.

My set up first of all: I have WDTV Live SMP with legacy theme, all movies on a Portable Hard drive connected via usb. For each movie i have 3 files the movie, a jpg for the cover and an xml file with the info. All work good and i can see everything on the player.

The fix i am looking to do is to disable the cover coming up as the background when i view the movie info in Gallery View. I just want the original blue background that comes with the legacy theme as it is easier to read on that.

Is this an easy fix and if so what do i need to do



Remove the    links from the movie xml’s

Click this for an easy batch removal procedure (takes a few seconds to process hundreds of xmls)

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