Movie director metadata bug after scanning content

This one is strange. Maybe someone can reproduce it or offer advice.

(I’m using the default TMDB as the Meta-Source Manager)

When Rescanning XML content info, or manually adding it to a new movie, everything appears fine (artwork, actors, year etc), except an ocassional bug where the film director is wrong.

The director field is being replaced by the ‘camera’ field, which I can see in TMDB.Is this the TMDB API causing the issue? How would I fix this - I can do it manually in an XML editor, but a basic function like this should be automatic.

For example, Federico Fellini’s ‘8 1/2’ in my WD TV Live currently lists Gianni Di Venanzo as the director.

Robert Altman’s ‘3 Women’ lists Charles Rosher Jr. as the director.

You should be able to do it manually, check if the link below helps.

I Have exactly the same problem!

I can imagine this is a problem

Is there one for MAC OSX??

I dont have access to a PC