Move data & Pic's


My WD Live TV arrived yesterday and was installed in a matter of minutes.So far it has played everything that has been thrown at it and I’m loving it. The only issue I seem to be having is getting the movie info etc. The WD is accessing my NAS wirelessly so I have to select media server to access the files. I have media library switched on and when the film is playing I select options (as stated in the manual) but there is no option to get info. Am I doing something wrong?? If so how do I get the info??



You can’t do that when using media servers.

How do I get it to access the has without selecting media server…or isn’t there away?

Have you tried network shares. Does your NAS show there.

Nope. The only thing that appears when I click network shares is windows shares and then the name of the PC. The nas is connected direct to the wireless router

I have a NAS connected directly to my router and I can access it via network shares / windows shares.

Any idea’s how I do it so I can access it via network/windows shares??? The NAS I have is a Seagate GoFlex Home

Just a thought I may have my NAS drive set up wrong as even tho I can stream to my xbox/WD TV & Blu Ray, I can see the NAS on my laptop…could this be the reason why the WD TV views the NAS as a Media Server?? If so how can I go about fixing it so it sees it as a network share?

Think I may have found the solution

Works a treat now. I’m even more of a happy bunny now that I have pic’s & film info…just need to get the correct names for the missing data :slight_smile: