Mouse won't work with Passport

I just plugged in my new Passport 4TB external hard drive to the back of my HP computer for the first time and once I did my wireless mouse quit working. The computer showed it was recognized and ready to go, but if I have no mouse what do I do to use the Passport?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This issue has been raised before and is caused by radio interference between devices. And is why I saved this link from Intel about the problem. By relocating the drive and cable somewhere on your desk you can avoid the interference.

Thanks Mike. I tried to understand what the information you passed along from Intel meant, but it’s way over my head with the technical explanations. What I did take away is I may need to move my internet router away from my computer and possibly unplug the indoor TV antennae nearby also to see if that helps. Since my mouse doesn’t have a cable it was confusing to see the illustrations showing the cable for the mouse.The article mentions using flash drives may also be a problem, but I’ve not experienced that. I assume connecting the device to the back of my computer was correct?
Thank you.

The takeaway you were supposed to get was the wireless mouse which operates on the 2.4 GHz band is being interfered with by the the physical location of where the drive’s USB cable is plugged into the computer. Problem is not related to router or tv antenna. Your mouse transmitter may be too close to usb port where drive is plugged into computer. Separate them away from one another. like plug drive or mouse transmitter usb device in usb ports farther apart from each other, etc.

Mike, wanted to let you know my issue is resolved. I read on another forum that a guy who had the same problem resolved it by using a wired mouse instead of his wireless and he was able to move the cursor and do his backup. I had nothing to lose so just bought one and it worked. My computer is now backed up. Thanks for taking the time to try to help me.

Yes, a wired mouse can avoid the RF interference the wireless mouse experienced for sure. Now that you have a reliable solution, when you have more time, experiment around re-positioning the drive and wireless mouse setup as I suggested. Personally, I would prefer using a wireless, versus wired mouse, and I do with my two HP laptops.

I will do that. I actually put away the wired mouse after I saved and disconnected the external hard drive. I’m back using my wireless mouse now. I’m not going to keep the external drive connected since this is just my home computer that I have pictures and tax documents on. If I was working from this computer I’d keep it connected but I just wanted to make sure my pictures and tax returns are backed up. Overkill but now I have them backed up. Thanks again.

Good luck with it all.