Mkv on network share


I can’t read mkv file from my computer when i use the network link ?

The same mkv file work with usb and HD movie with avi and mov extention work great !

Do you know if wd tv live can read mkv file on network link ?

If yes, could you help me to find a solution (i have Windows7)

THanks for your response.

What is your “network link” ?, samba ?, dlna ?, if dlna (media server) what is the dlna server on the pc ?.

The issue is not the WD as I can read mkv files over the network.

Some DLNA media servers have trouble handling MKV files.

I access all my media via Network Shares, not Media Server.

There’s a tutorial here on how to set up Network Shares on Windows 7:

Hope that helps.  :)

Echo that. I was going through hell trying to figure out why my media files wouldnt stream off my DLNA Nas. Used the network browser to hit the same share, and everything plays back just fine.

My WDTVL will not recognize my mkv files whether through Network Shares or through Media Servers. It will recognize the same files on a local USB drive. These seem to be the only files that my unit won’t recognize via Network Shares.

Same enormous problem for me !

Whatever I use a dlna or just a basic network share on my PC hosting MKV files, these are not seen by the WDTV LIve, which sees all other files such as WMV, AVI, MOV, etc…

Please help and advise, thanks !

Have you checked the permissions on the folder where you stored the MKV files? You need to check both the NTFS permissions and the network share’s, if one or the other is wrong you won’t see whatever is inside that folder. If you can’t see supported files through a network share that’s probably the #1 reason for problems.

Btw it wouldn’t hurt checking those MKV files with mediainfo/VLC etc… to see if they are really MKV files, it wouldn’t be the first time someone asks for help about them when they’re really something else, in which case renaming the files to the suitable extension would do the trick.