MKV File format problem 2018


I have a WD TV Life Streaming Media Player and I try to play MKV file it plays some not others. The firmware is 2.03.20. I read some of the old notes but some of the software it recommends is no longer available. Any update information on how to play MKV files I would appreciate it. I tried to reboot and I unplugged it and replugged and no solution.


What is the origin of the MKVs? Ones you made or are they from torrents?




From where? If you got them from torrents, then you got what you paid for, as they likely are defective!


I do not use Torrent it is Illegal. Also you do not have to be a Jerk about it if you do not know how to help or don’t what to help do not offer any opinions.


My advice is to check the specs of the unplayable MKV files using mediainfo

If the video format shows : HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) aka. H.265 and/or Bit Depth: 10 Bits

then, the WD TV is not compatible with this type of encoded MKV

The only ‘Software Solution’ is to re-encode the MKV video to AVC(H.264) Bit Depth: 8 Bits for playback on the WD TV

WD TV Supported Video Formats/Codecs Page 211: