Missing Hibernate (Shutdown) Button for MyCloud 4 TB

I recently purchased a 4 TB MyCloud and was shocked to see that there was no visible means of effecting a safe shutdown. After browsing several threads, I learned that I could modify the CSS on the Utilities page and reveal the required button.

Nulling-out the “display: none” style property revealed the button.

I’m running the latest 2.21.126 firmware. And for those who would suggest it, there is apparently no ssh (22/TCP) option in this version of firmware.

WD, why on earth would you hide this shutdown button in the web i/f? You’d rather users simply unplug the running unit and cause a massive fsck and potential data loss at the next power-up? This rookie error calls into question the entirety of WD’s engineering expertise. SHAME ON YOU, WD!!!

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If one uses the subforum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. They’ll find the missing shutdown button on Dashboard has been discussed in numerous prior threads along with how unhide the button as you mention. There are also several prior discussions on using SSH to shutdown the v2.x version My Clouds.


One can add their opinion of the missing shutdown in the Cloud Ideas subforum where its been mentioned at least twice already.



Perhaps one will do that. :wink: