Bring back the Shutdown Button to the My Cloud Dashboard

Bring back the Shutdown Button to the My Cloud Dashboard.
It is discusting, that there is no safe shutdown option in the actual firmware for the My Cloud.
In the Mirror model it is still accessable and working properly.



Status: Acknowledge

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I too am not very impressed by this and other similar issues which would take seconds to fix and demonstrate a severe lack of customer care & attention to detail. This is not what I want demonstrated by my NAS hardware provider.

For my next drive I’m going to be much more picky and and its not likely to be a WD one.

Hi Devs, today I updated my singlebay MyCloud to Os5 (because WD told me to do so…) and now, QuickView is not reporting any status from my drive, and the cherry of the pie, I cannot shutdown the drive from there anymore.

So in recap, the CSS code edit works, to make manually show the Hybernate button on the dashboard… it’s 2021 and you left this outdated like that? really?
Please, send a really useful update to our MyClouds 2.x not regarding privacy or any of what latest updates had, just simply edit the CSS code and BRING BACK THE HYBERNATE BUTTON ON THE DASHBOARD!!!
Please we are beggin you WD!!! :frowning: