Miracast/Spotify questions

I have some questions about miracast.

I own a WDTV live player. It is connected with a HDMI cable to my Samsung TV and with an optical cable to my surround receiver. I connected the wdtv box with a UTP cable to my router, but I can disconnect and work on WiFi base as well.

My tablet supports miracast.

Would it be possible, by using Miracast, to stream Spotify to my surround receiver, without putting the TV on? This would give a much better interface. So you would use the Android Spotify interface in stead off the WDTV interface. This would give you the radio function also as an easy search function as well :slight_smile:

When working with Miracast on the WDTV Live, do you have to unplug the UTP cable and set the the device in WiFi mode, or does it switch automatically?


Interesting … i just tested this on the WDTV Media Player (2014) FW 1.02.17

For “Miracast” on the WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) you will need Firmware 2.02.32

*Disclaimer* I don’t have “Spotify” but i did test with “Youtube” and Local Files on my Android tablet

  1. WDTV Media Player connected to TV via HDMI … Optical Output to Audio Receiver … Network Connection “Wired”

  2. Connected via “Miracast”   no probs

  3. Switched off TV (Tested Standby and Mains Power Off)

  4. On my Android Tablet played Youtube Videos and Local Files …

All Audio was output through Audio Receiver with the TV OFF :smiley:

as long as your tablet will support Miracast of Spotify… then it should work

no, you don’t have to disconnect your Wired Ethernet cable when using “Miracast” … as Miracast is Wi-Fi Direct and will Automatically switch and “Pair” via Wi-Fi with your Tablet … when finished, reverts back to Wired.

Remember, as soon as you “Pair” your Tablet to the WDTV … then all internet is reliant on your Tablet, the WDTV is just “Mirroring” via Wi-Fi whats happening on your Tablet

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That sounds great, but no luck here. My tablet finds the WDTV life, but no sound from my receiver. Do I need extra settings in my WDTV player?

What I get on my TV is, that my tablet is recognized and connection I’d made, the wheel us turning. Then I get the message that due to a bad connection, I got disconnected and I have to check my WIFI?

  1. Make sure the Audio Output Level settings on your Tablet are turned up to Maximum

  2. Audio Settings on the WDTV (when using Optical Output (Toslink)  are…

Setup > Audio/Video Output > Audio Ouput > Digital Pass-Through via Optical Only


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Adjepatatje wrote:

What I get on my TV is, that my tablet is recognized and connection I’d made, the wheel us turning. Then I get the message that due to a bad connection, I got disconnected and I have to check my WIFI?

well that’s a different issue altogether … means it’s not pairing correctly 

check your signal, if all good … then just do a device restart and try again

Setup > System > Device Restart

I’m connected (paired) to Miracast  … Tablet Screenshot (and pic on my 42" inch tv)  signal = good

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Dang man, that helped! :slight_smile: I did the following procedure: started Spotify up from my tablet. When playing I restarted my WDTV live. I pulled the power plug out and putted it in a again. When the wdtv was ready, I went to the settings in my tablet, and started to connect. And there it was! Awesome! Your help is highly appreciated dude!

I also use the wdtv remote appp. In this way you can also control the volume with your tablet! Great stuff!

no probs, (i think i’m only getting socks and handkerchiefs for Christmas this year, so a couple Kudos would be nicer instead)

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Edit: no need for the remote app! You can control the volume of your receiver with the volume switch from your tablet! This is getting better and better!

I switched a few times back between Miracast and and no Mirast just to test and it works flawlessly nownow, connecting every time! 

Kudo given :slight_smile:

Nice to hear, sounds like you’re getting excited already … and it is’nt christmas yet :smileyvery-happy:

Glad to help … Merry Christmas  :smiley:

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Haha, you are right, this is exciting stuff! I would say Miracast is a great add-on! I am curious if it works with popcorn-time too! But I must check if there is some Android popcorn-time app.

Merry X-mas to you too! :slight_smile: