Firmware Version 1.02.17 possible bug with Miracast

Have no idea if this existed prior to the most recent firmware update or not.  After reading of another problem with an old wifi connection used on a wired setup, I was doing some testing.

I couldn’t replicate the problem I was trying to but did find if I run the player attached via wifi and then switch to wired, I could no longer use DNLA to mirror my screen. My speed was aslo deminished even though the setup showed I was connected to wired.  A simple reboot would not solve the problem.

Had to remove the wireless connection via setup, reboot the WDTV and then all was back to working. 

I’m connected “Wired” and when using my Android Tablet to “pair” with the WDTV via Miracast (Screen Mirror) works fine with 1.02.17

Miracast is “Wi-Fi Direct” … nothing to do with “DLNA”

Even though i’m “Wired” i’m guessing to the WDTV switches to “Wireless, Wi-Fi Direct mode” when “Mirroring” from a “Wireless Sender” eg. Tablet, Smart Phone … when the connection is terminated, switches back to “Wired” mode

Sorry, meant miracast.

The wired vs wifi is the WD box. If I use wifi (with the cat5 disconnected) then go back to wired, I have to delete the wireless connection from the menu. I have no problem using my phone, pc or tablet once the box is working.

Removing the connection is a work sround, not a fix.