Metadata and xml files missing on some videos

When browsing through my library of video files on my NAS’, a few of files in each folder are simply missing the metadata. 

Now I don’t know much at all about where the info comes from, or how to manually add it if need be, but that’s what I need to find out. 

I checked the directories of the NAS’ on my PC, and there is a METATHUMB file and an XML file with the same name as all the files that are working. But the files that are not working, only the video file exists.

Thanks, guy!

Consult the manual, page 58.

I must have confused you.

I am aware on how to set up the metadata source, and retrieve information manually by hitting options, and usually that works. But on about 10 of my videos, no source was found for it. But then I go to the movie DB website, and I search for it with the same name, and the same year, like “Spiderman (2004)”  Just made that up as an example, that isn’t one of them (Probably isnt the date either).

Jakespeare wrote:

…I don’t know much at all about …how to manually add it…

That’s what confused me… 

So, what happens when you try to manually collect the metadata?

Yeah should have specified. I meant I don’t know how to add manually manually. Like, how to create the whole thing and fill it with metadata. Not just clicking “add manually”.
So my main problem is tv. Like dragon ball, Alfred Hitchcock presents, gomer Pyle etc.
no data loads automatically, and no data loads manually. I tried downloading thumb…something. An app recommended by a precious post. But it never found the right one

Jakespeare wrote:

no data loads automatically, and no data loads manually.

What happens when you try the OPTIONS / GET CONTENT INFO menu items?

For COMPLETELY manual additions for TV shows, I’m partial to the XML Fetcher because, well, I wrote it.  ;)

For Movies, ThumbGen works well, but I’ve never needed it because the Get Content Info function works perfectly for me.

That’s impressive!

Well, here is the problem, I can’t see anything from my TV NAS in my media library, so I actually don’t have the option for manually get info. I have triple checked the media library options, and it shows three folders there. Movies, Animation, and TV (all three are individual hard drives, but the same hard drive type, wb my book live 3tb)

Everything from the first two seem to work. But my tv folder doesn’t even show up in media library. I have to go to folder view for that under Network Shares