Meta source

I want to add a new meta source, but that’s not possible. So I want in the new firmware.

You can add a new metadata source, just look for Meta-Source Manager in the setup tab.

Then what do you do once you find it?  I see “Add new source…” so I click it, and it says “Media not present” or somesuch - it’s almost like it is looking for config files on an attached disk to tell it where to find the meta source… ? 

You put the content scraper definition on a USB disk and import it.  It’s usually an XML file.

Begs the question of where to find such a file? 


where is that xml files?

where is the manual to make that xml ?

where is the examples in the WD site, like manual says ?

guess what ?  you can´t answer because you, and no one else knows !

Reading the initial issue by _ EdwinBaljet _ and the final questions by _ micronx _, I can say that I solved the meta library creation problem with an off-line step.
I create the metadata info (xml files) with an offline program, so I don’t mind costructing manually the xml, but let the program do it for me.
There are different programs:

After having created all the xml files I need, I start the recreation of the media library.

Hope this helps

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