Media Stream interrupted


I have a 4TB mycloud with some films and tv series on it, but if i want to watch them from the NAS they stop playing after some time. The time differs from time to time, sometimes it’s 5 minutes and othertimes 20 minutes. After the interuption i have to restart the film to watch the rest of it.

Does anyone have a possible cause or solution for this problem?


Log into the twonky manager


go into Settings / Advanced 

and UNCHECK  Restart server on NIC changes

and save.

See if that helps.

To me it sounds like a network/bandwidth issue.  What does your network look like?  Are you going wifi, powerline ethernet, CAT6?

I’m have a 1Gbps network with Cat5E between switch and PC  and a CAT6 between switch and NAS. Data transfer is not a problem i have an constant speed of around 60MBps when up or downloading from the NAS.

I have tried the Twonky option (UNCHECK  Restart server on NIC changes) but still have the issue