MC 2TB lost Internet connection and I don't know why


I have a MyCloud 2TB device with firmware v03.04.01-230. A couple of days ago I realized that qbittorrent-nox wasn’t connecting to trackers and all it downloaded was from DHT (I guess). I connected via putty and ping command were unsuccessful to connect to google. I thought that maybe it was time to upgrade the firmware but then this message pop up when I click the ‘check for upgrade’ button

From here I’m lost. Honestly I don’t know what to do.

Is there a way to recover connections to trackers?
Is there a way to work with a torrent clients with newest firmware?
What firmware should be appropiate for my model?

Thank you.

If you have a single bay/single drive My Cloud model you can manually download and upgrade the firmware yourself. See the following link to download the firmware. Select the Version 4.x option since you would be upgrading from the VERY OLD v3.x firmware first gen My Cloud to the latest v4.x firmware for first gen My Cloud units. You cannot upgrade a first gen My Cloud to v2.x firmware used by the newer second gen single bay/single drive My Cloud units. The manual upgrade firmware option is generally found on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Manual Update.

Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find other discussions on how to use torrent clients with the My Cloud or to add torrenting to the older first gen v4.x My Cloud units.

Thanks @Bennor for your answer.

How could I know if I have a single bay unit?

Any chance to install a bittorrent client in a 4x firmware?

See the following link for the various My Cloud models, or look on the bottom of your My Cloud for a product/part number and search that number online.

See my post above for that answer, search this subforum (click on the magnifying glass icon upper right) for more information on installing torrenting to the My Cloud. Generally it will involve using SSH to modify or replace the v4.x firmware on the first generation single bay My Cloud.

Sorry. I didn’t see the last par of your answer in your first reply talking about torrenting.

As for the single bay thing I already did a research about my model. I have the part number which is the DBCTLxxxxxxx-00 kind. Problem is that kind of information is not in the specifications sheet or manual. So I don’t know where to find it.

Using the forum search feature here are just a few past discussions on installing a torrenting client to a v4.x firmware first gen My Cloud. Note: Installing torrenting clients on the single bay v3.x/v4.x My Cloud units will most likely void the device’s warranty and may cause instability or if done improperly brick (render unusable) the device.

Hi. Thanks again for your reply.

I think that I didn’t explained well in the previous post. My problem now is not searching the torrent threads in the forums but trying to find out if my device is single bay or not because it doesn’t say so in the specs.

I already found some of those posts when you said about the magnifying glass tool. Anyway is very good to have them all in a single post. Thanks for your help!

Just take the part number from the bottom of the my cloud and do an internet search. It should come back with the type or model of the My Cloud. If your My Cloud enclosure is white chances are it is a first generation single bay My Cloud because the second generation My Cloud unit didn’t use v3.x version firmware.

Great! I will do that. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile: