MBL can be accessed by mobile but not MAC


I’ve had my MBL for about 3 years and its worked fine with my MAC for all that time. My MAC’s HDD recently broke so I had to have a new one installed (a clone of my previous). I’m running OS X 10.11.1 and now I can’t access my MBL.

I can still see all the contents via my mobile app, but when ever I try to access it through ‘Finder’ in the MAC it comes up with a message stating that the connection has failed.

I can connect to the MBL and see all the contents when using the mac app ‘WD MY Cloud’, although the connection isn’t always stable (it drops out a lot when trying to transfer files).

I also use the drive as my Time Machine location, and previously the Mac had no trouble accessing it when ever it needed to. Now ever it can never back up to the drive.

The green light is on (or blinking when data accesses) and it works with my other devices. I can also enter the dashboard via my Mac.

Can anyone help as I think it might me a settings issue due to the new cloned HDD?



What happens if you manually map your NAS for direct access? I understand your current hard drive is a clone of your original system drive, but there are times when a configuration needs to be remade.

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

Try this, access the NAS webui --> Settings --> Network, turn Off AFP services then after 3 seconds turn On AFP services again. Now you should able to access from Finder.