Mapping MyCloud from another network

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First of all, sorry for my english, I’m french native.

I’ve brought a Mycloud (1 disc only) few years ago, I’m able to access it through windows explorer when I’m home, connected to the same network.

Is it possible to so the same when I’m abroad ? I can access it through the WD My Cloud Application but I’d like to see it in my Explorer.

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No, it is no longer possible to do remote mapping via a WD-supported method.

But there are unofficial alternatives. See this thread for a very similar question:

WD officially removed the ability to remote map the My Cloud last year when they released the OS 3 firmware.

Unofficially, see the CloudDAVMod which will allow one to remote map the My Cloud. Note however it requires the use of SSH to install the CloudDAVMod module.

Also there is a thread on this very same subject (remote mapping) occurring right now at the following link:

Thank you guyz, I found it I have a small issue I stated in this post :

Thanks again