Manually expanding a RAID 1

So I messed up when adding larger drives to my EX2 Ultra. Apparently you aren’t supposed to shut down the NAS then replace a drive, wait for it to rebuild, then shut down and add the second drive. When you do this, you do not get the expand array option under “Change RAID Mode” menu.
Does anyone know if you can expand an array manually to utilize the additional space or another way? Ideally there is an option if I SSH into the NAS that I can run from the command line. Or do I really have to rebuild the entire array from scratch?

Any ideas?

Any updates about this issue?.. i’m having the same scenario… Replaced a bad 3TB drive with 4TB, i bought both 4 TB to replace when the data is rebuild and see if i can expand manually the storage…

There should be an expand option after you RAID rebuild completed. 1st, replace the bad drive with 4TB and do a rebuild. After rebuild completed, replace the other drive with your last 4TB. Let it rebuild, after that it should give you an option to expand your RAID.

I did all of that… The rebuild process took about 10 mins… which i don’t know what was the purpose because to copy 2.8 TB of data took almost two weeks… now after the expand option it was showing the progress of the expand… the web portal logged off due to inactivity and now all LEDS are fully steady… hoping is doing something in the background about the disk expand… (i’m in scared mode now).

Thanks for the suggestion @jebusx

Are you still able to see your data? If all LEDs are steady, it mean it is completed. You can log in to the web to check the status and space available.

Space is the same, and usually leds are blinking for both drives. For now the Power LED is steady blue but it blinks fading around every certain time.

Both Disk LED are not blinking
I can login to the web and there is nothing pending or in progress (about the expand)
drive size still showing the same as before.

I still can access the data on my network share

I don’t get the expand option, but I’m thinking it was because I shut down before swapping the drives instead of doing a hot swap. I think I might just have to back up, build the new array and restore my backups. Ugh.

what i did was taking one of the drives out… plug it on my pc delete all the partitions and putting back in (hot) and it started the rebuild (10 mins) then i got the expand option available and another one to “create a new volume with the storage space available”

choose the expand option. The other create a new volume is up to you.