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Hi there. New user alert!!

I am using WD wireless pro and an iPad

I have a creative cloud account

I am downloading raw images from my SD card to the WD wireless pro. I have added my creative cloud account in the my cloud app but how do I then see them in Lightroom App. Better still can I batch add all of the files to Lightroom app

Any advice appreciated

Cheers Richard



The My Cloud mobile App allows you to link your Creative Cloud account for you to download or upload your media files but it doesn’t have an option for you to open the images using another application.


Hi Richard,

One of the easiest ways to open your images in the Lightroom app is to select an image in the My Cloud app, then click on the “Share” button in the upper right. Tap “Open In” and then tap “Lightroom Mobile.”

This will open in the Lightroom Mobile app where you can begin editing. And, once they’re in the Lightroom Mobile app in your iPad, those shots will also sync to your Creative Cloud and be accessible on your desktop computer when you have network connection again.

At this time, I don’t believe we have batch add of files to the Lightroom Mobile app from the My Cloud app, but let me check…I typically open one shot at a time, as I like to keep my RAWs on the My Passport Wireless Pro when I’m in the field to save space on my iPad.

Let me know if this is helpful so far! :slight_smile:



Thanks Alex. Problem is raw images only show as an icon on my cloud

Also if I upload to Lightroom and edit when I import that catalogue to hard drive at home will the changes stay?

Trying to be an efficient editor on the go!!


Yep, RAW image preview in the app is something we see pop up in reviews and feedback, and I understand your objective here…one of my solutions today is to shoot JPEG+RAW to the same card. When I offload to a My Passport Wireless Pro, the JPEG is listed right above its accompanying RAW, and this is how I choose what to open in Lightroom Mobile and other third party apps.

Re: edits on iPad syncing one to your home computer: when you add a photo to Lightroom Mobile on iPad, it automatically syncs (with all non-destructive edits) to your Lightroom Desktop app when you have network connection again. (A quick and easy way to see these shots is to select “All Synced Photos” in the catalog menu in Lightroom Desktop)

I was just playing with this yesterday during a demo, and it worked perfectly. I love the ability to begin (and sometimes finish!) editing RAWs of my favorite shots when I’m away from my desktop! :smile:


I still can’t get the raw images into Lightroom via WD or CC

Is there a tutorial.

Accounts are linked and added and signed in. Just seems I’m missing a step somewhere


I don’t believe there is a tutorial out there today, but let me snap a few screen shots for you later today for my method.


That would be awesome!!!


Hi Richard, sorry for the delay! Here is my workflow for getting RAW images from the My Passport Wireless Pro to Lightroom for iPad :

1.) Find the RAW image you’d like to add to Lightroom for iPad - you can see here that I’ve also exposed the whole path here for your convenience :

2.) Tap the “Open In” button in the upper right — once you tap on an image (like I did here), it may take a few seconds (depending on the file size) for the button to become accessible.

3.) In the menu that appears after tapping “Open In”, tap on your 3rd party app of choice (in this case, Lightroom)

4.) The photo will then be sent to Lightroom for iPad, and stored locally (on your iPad) within the Lightroom app (so you will be able to work on it, in Lightroom, even if your My Passport Wireless Pro is powered off)

5.) One heads up — when I tried this the first time, Lightroom for iPad gave me the spinning wheel and I wasn’t able to edit. My theory is that Lightroom was trying to sync with the cloud (which was impossible, since my iPad was directly connected to only the My Passport Wireless Pro). I backed out of the editor view, then re-entered it, and it was fine. I also had no issue when I opened a totally different image…anyway, just a heads up if you bump into this too. :slight_smile:

You can see here that I’ve made some horrible (really, tasteless :wink: ) edits to the photo in Lightroom on iPad:

6.) And, once I reconnect my iPad to an internet connection, I see that the image (including all those edits) has also synced over to Lightroom on my Mac.

Let me know if this helps - I’m still digging in to see if we can do batch add, but for now, this might be your best bet for getting RAW files from your My Passport Wireless Pro into Lightroom for iPad, and then syncing Lightroom for iPad with Lightroom for Mac or Windows. :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex
It’s a pretty slow work flow!! Not really practical
I have the dng files in creative cloud just thought it would be then simple to import from THERE to LR. Would make more sense
Thanks for trying


Yep, I hear ya. There’s unfortunately not too much we can do right now in terms of bulk import to Lightroom on iPad, or facilitating a transfer between the Adobe Creative Cloud storage app and Adobe Lightroom app (as I think this would solve your big painpoint) but this is excellent feedback nonetheless - thank you!


Thanks Alex
That would make an excellent mobile work flow!!

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When will this feature be available for Android users?


In Lightroom CC on your iPad, create an Album, then on the right of the name click the “. . .” symbols, then select ADD PHOTOS, then FROM FILES, and select WD Cloud option under Locations…

You can now go through the folder and batch select all and OPEN them…

It’s a little clunky, but closing LRCC and re running it usually fixes it for me. You might have to re OPEN the same files several times until LRCC finally grabs them all…’’

Hopefully WD or Adobe fixes this in the future, I normally edit over 200 photos per album, and it’s a pain using WD Cloud to share the photos one by one, terrible…