Lanzamiento - Mi Nube Firmware Version 04.04.02-105 (10/29/16)

Hoy se ha actualizado el firmware, ¿donde se pueden ver als notas de la actualziación?

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See existing thread.

v04.04.02.15 Release Notes:

Direct link to v04.04.02.15 firmware:

Unfortunately, the Safepoint process now seems to be unable to connect to a previously created Safepoint.

From the release notes for 04.04.02-105
 Resolved issue of USB volume with large directory tree causing
inaccessible/unresponsive/sluggish device behavior

I wonder if that fix messed up something else? I am still waiting for all the scans etc. to end before I pull the USB drive and reset it.



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Morden2004, is your post in the wrong thread?

Not exactly. I saw the references to Safepoint and thought I would add some info re: ongoing concerns that the process is not fully functional.

My bad?


The reference (which I’ve since fixed) to Safepoint was to the last post (at the time I made my post) to the other thread rather than the top of the other thread. Its not clear per the Google translation of the OP’s post if they were specifically asking about Safepoint or were just simply looking for what was changed in, or the release notes for, the latest firmware release.