Krack & Mycloud

Will there be a patch needed for our WD devices since the announcement of the Krack security vulnerabilities?

Why would the My Cloud need to be patched? The Krack vulnerability affects WiFi. The current line of My Cloud units do not have WiFI adapter hardware. The current line of single bay My Clouds use Ethernet.

You should contact your wireless router or computer/mobile device operating system manufacturer to see if they have pushed out a fix for the Krack WiFi WPA2 vulnerability.

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It was just a question since it seems no one else ask and it’s a new topic that most main stream media hasn’t mentioned to the public. I know here in Las Vegas, all that’s in the news is about the shooting, what did President Trump say now and the Raiders! If it weren’t for my antivirus program sending alert, I wouldn’t even had known about Krack. Most article say major companies will have patches but it will be up to consumer to update when ready. It’s the smaller companies that make products like electronic door locks, automated garage door openers and home security cameras I’m worried about. Those are affected according to most articles and won’t see patches. Do you agree?

The news about Krack and BlueBorne is out there for anyone paying attention. While it may not have been prominent on TV news/entertainment/talking head outlets there have been postings to various news websites about both vulnerabilities. For example the Krack vulnerabilities; CNN, MSN, FoxNews.

Bottom line is the both vulnerabilities do not affect the single bay My Cloud. As such there is nothing for WD to fix or patch (with respect to those two vulnerabilities) on the single bay My Cloud.

Like with most if not all security vulnerabilities, it will be up to the user to ensure their devices are up to date. And due to the nature of certain vulnerabilities some Internet of Things (IoT) devices may never be updated due to hardware limitations or designs.

Maybe if people don’t understand what identified vulnerabilities mean, and what they affect, it might be better if they didn’t hear about them…

To say the least, the Western Digital My Net N900 (owner for over FIVE YEARS) WAS a great product. BUT no MORE! It is unacceptable and outrageous for the manufacture to NOT address KRACK and provide updated FIRMWARE for user security for their products. That’s why I like many others had to move on to more secure products from other manufacturers. Furthermore, it is outrageous for retailers to continue selling this out date unsecure product for public use in a very hostile GLOBAL INTERNET environment (SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!).
Request refunds from your retailers ASAP!
Have a blessed day and Celebrate Life!

Are you on krack…?

As explained above, Krack is a vulnerability in the WPA2 WiFi encryption protocol.


Therefore, the MyCloud ISN’T VULNERABLE TO KRACK.

Now, read that again, and make sure you understand what I’ve just said.

If you have any device that is vulnerable to Krack, it will be your router. Have you got an upgrade for your router? No? Thought not.

Why would one request a refund on a device that isn’t affected by Krack?

Like it or not some wireless devices are End of Life (EoL) which is what I suspect the My Net N900 is (firmware last updated in 2013). As such, even though some may still be in use or being sold, they will probably not receive an update to fix the Krack or other security/vulnerability issue.

Sir, the concern is for the WD Router Firmware update. It has been over 3yrs since the last update, after all it a WI-Fi router with WPA2.

Sir, the concern is for the WD Router Firmware update. It has been over 3yrs since the last update, after all it a WI-Fi router with WPA2. If a person recently purchased the Router, the purchasers should request a refund allowing them to purchase a newer updated reliable state of the art router. I agree products do reach an End of Life, although retailers should not sell the EOL products to consumers, who just may not be as tech savvy smart as yourself. And yes SAVE our children!

You are complaining about a WD router and the Krack vulnerability in a subforum generally dedicated to the single bay My Cloud device which is neither a wireless router nor does it have WiFi hardware.

The My Cloud is not affected. Period.

This is primarily a user to user subforum. Most here are not affiliated with WD. If you are unhappy with WD routers, contact WD Support directly, see menu link above.

Mistakenly entered this group after reading one of the post with regards to KRACK and WPA2 and WD Device, assumed to be a WD Router. There is no need in attacking anyone with nasty comments. It only publicly displays your own ignorance to a lot of people. It is true that Western Digital no longer supports their Routers at all. I could go on and on but it is not worth my time. Although, you are in the cloud take a look