Keeping MBL duo online all the time?

Okay, with my linksys EA4500 I had to manually set up port forwarding.  With a lot of help from this community I accomplished this.  Now I have the MyNetN900 from WD, have enabled port forwarding on the router, and set the MBL duo to automatic, instead of manual.  It says it’s connected and stable, but when I try to access it from my iPad or iPhone it says device is off line.  Did I miss a step?  What do I have to do to keep it online all the time?

Port forwarding won’t work if your MBL gets a new IP address.

Any time you use Port Forwarding you should:

  • Use a STATIC (manual) IP address on the host
  • OR 
  • Use a reserved DHCP (Static DHCP) address on the router that matches the MAC of the host.

Okay, witch is the easier and more stable of the 2 suggestions, or do they both have to be done and how?  And why does my MBL say connected and that it is stable if it really is not?  Not the tech genious but follow instruction well.  I’ve seen the stadic option, but didn’t know what to do with it.  And by hoast do you mean the router?

No, the host is the MBL.

I don’t know which is easier for you, but they’d both be equivalently stable.

You’d need to consult your router manual for the “How.”

Is it any easier or less complexed when it is the MyNetN900 made by WD?  I thought buying the router from the same company would make this process a little easier.

If you’re still interested, you might check out the link below for how to manually set an IP Address on an N900 Router.  That’s if I understood correctly that you were thinking of getting a WD router.