Issue with mapping the Recycle Bin 'share' for mounting at every boot

I have the EX2 Ultra and the latest OS5 firmware. Regardless of firmware version (even with OS3), I have always had issues with successfully mounting the Recycle bin when logging into macOS.

All my other shares mount successfully, but Recycle Bin seems to be a problem. I can do a Connect to Server, find it and successfully mount it in macOS, but upon reboot (computer) the Recycle bin fails to mount.

Would like to know if the share name/address is dynamically changed by the NAS, if there’s a setting in the dashboard, or if I can issue a command when I’m ssh in terminal on the NAS …

Some advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you …

@cs7404 The Recycle Bin was never supported on macOS using AFP.

the latest firmware update that showed up 5.13.115 appears to have a note in it like this:

Resolved an issue which network shares with recycle bin enabled could not be accessed in macOS

so, i think that Recycle Bin access was not supported at all on macOS in the past ? why not ? i can map the Recycle Bin of a share in Windows and it will mount every time I start Windows.

So what’s different that prohibits a successful mount on startup in macOS ?

@cs7404 original post and the KBA has been updated. It is AFP on macOS that is not supported by the Recycle Bin feature.

thanks for the info.

it turns out that my mac has issues connecting reliably to my shares and internal folders with SMB (I get permission issues in Finder after mounting a share using SMB). this is why I still use AFP on the macOS side.

the problem may be a keychain authentication mixup, i still haven’t been able to figure out why.

so far, no issues at all with AFP.

has anyone noticed with this latest firmware 5.18.117, that the recycle bin shares (when looking in the directory ‘mnt’) no longer exist ??

if i use clear recycle bin from the dashboard, my available space typically goes up, but since this update it has not when i clear the bin.

i submitted a support ticket with wd but 3 days ago and have heard nothing back so far.

happen to have links for downloading the prior firmware ?

if so, would flashing it on top of 5.18 be a problem ?

i believe i found it …

can anyone confirm these are official firmwares for the mycloud ? they are bin files.

i stand corrected and apologize for my mistake, i found the Recycle Bin - Volume_1 folder on the nas.

still wondering if rollback to the previous version of firmware is straightforward or would need to be done in wd recovery ?