iSCSI target disappeared randomly

Edit: Problem has been solved using advice from iSCSI target missing since moving to 5.0 and iSCSI Target no Longer Seen on a My Cloud Device

I have a PR4100 with 4x Red Pro 8TB drives in it, and have 3 of them in RAID5 and the last one in JBOD. On the JBOD drive, I had a 2TB iSCSI target and only connected to it via my main desktop. I only used it for 1) Monthly full backup of my boot drive, 2) Video game clips I wanted to save, and 3) Local copies of my python scripts.

This morning my monthly backup was set to start, but my system couldn’t find the drive so I launched the iSCSI initiator to force a disconnect/reconnect but the target wasn’t there. When I opened the dashboard, it shows there are no targets made on the system.

Looking at other posts, I went looking for it in the /mnt/HD_b2/.systemfile/iscsi_images and I found the desktop-2tb.img file (with a size of 2TB) I expected to find. How do I re-include this image? I still have the original name of the target saved.

Hi Guys, All my iSCSI target are gone . I turned my NAS on today and there are no Targets anymore. Does anyone one how to recover files from !! !! !!

Did you check the directory I mentioned for an iscsi image? If you set it up on your first volume, it will be in /mnt/HD_a2/.systemfile/iscsi_images, if you set it on your second volume it will be /mnt/HD_b2/.systemfile/iscsi_images, etc. If you find it there, you can use one of the links I posted in the edit to restore them