Is WD TV Media Player Discontinued

Yep, i’m using Kodi 16 (Jarvis) … LibreELEC on the RPi3
(was using OpenELEC on the RPi2 which is fine as well … )

Yep, Streaming MKV, MP4, AVI etc … from a WD My Cloud (2TB) + USB Connected 2TB Elements to it … and also 4TB Elements connected to the RPi3 via USB

Kinda shied away from “Streaming” when i was a WDTV user … it was a PITA.
But the Raspberry Pi with XBMC/ Kodi, Streaming is easy, reliable and hassle free :slight_smile:

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That is fantastic, I’ll definitely look into that!

OK, Kodi app is still installed and running on my FireTV stick; i.e. not deleted by Amazon). So, I played some files that had given issues in the past. The situation has improved (likely due to updates to Fire Stick FW and/or Kodi app since installing it). Anything I played from the My Cloud NAS did fine; no issues. This includes DVD-ISO, BD-MKV and BD-m4v files I had made. In the past ,there had been stalling, jitter and other issues playing the higher bit rate BD-source files. Not so last night.

Glad everything is working out OK! The discussions on the xda developers website re the Fire TV/Stick is a good place to look if start having some issues with Kodi and the FireTV Stick or problems with sideloading apps.

A bit off-topic, but since it pertains to the WDTV, I thought I would share it. I have had a WDTV problem for a long time with the one unit I have that cannot be wired to network like the main one is; I have had to use it wirelessly… It does not have an internal wireless circuit and I have had a 2.4G dongle on USB port. It is not a very fast one, and all but the less complex videos streamed poorly enough to be unusable.

I recently became aware that there is a discontinued WD product that is still around at a ridiculous low close-out price that solved the problem. In another thread I discussed this with another forum member a few weeks ago, and we both decided to order one. The device is called Western Digital WD My Net AC Bridge, 4-Port Gigabit WiFi Bridge WDBMRD0000NBL

What it does is receive the 5G wireless signal (or 5G/ac one) from router, and converts it to up to 4 wired gigabit outputs. So, now both my WDTV and Roku in bedroom are connected to the Bridge via wired, and the reception has never been better, and useable to stream movies from NAS.

Before hooking the Bridge into the bedroom TV system, I set the Bridge up by the PC and fed the output into the PC and ran a test. The download speed was the same as if my PC were still wired into the network switch; came in at well over 100Mbps. So, no wonder streaming performance is so much better.

So, if you have a device(s) that’s performance could be improved by being wired vs wireless 2.4G (like a WDTV) this is the gadget to get. There really is nothing similar and at a good price until all are sold out.

If anyone here decides to get one, let me know, as there are a few “heads-up” we found that will help you out.

Thanks. I look into it. Having a problem with a WDTV and Roku device in an upstairs bedroom (furthest away from my router). Saw the WD My Net AC Bridge on Amazon for $45 USD. Will probably buy one soon. Thanks again for the advice.

Well, if you have weak signal problem, the Bridge will not help, perhaps. In that case, a WD range extender would be a better solution, although since the WD uses 2.4G that could still be a problem unless the wireless is built-in the WDTV. I have a few WD range extenders in the house for a while and they help a lot for the fringe areas. I have one set for the 2.4G signal and another set for 5G. The range extenders are also at blow-out prices, too.

A Bridge is better since it receives 5G and has output speed of a wired connection. My bedroom WDTV and Roku are only 15 feet away from router, but because it is in an area with a few doorways, etc, running Ethernet cable is impossible.

It possibly could be a good idea for you to bring the 5G signal closer with a range extender, and top it off for a faster connection by using a 5G bridge for Ethernet output, too.

If you get these gadgets, they need the current FW, and WD doesn’t have them publicly posted anymore. I know how to get them from WD server, tho, so if you gets these, ask me for the details.

Thanks for the suggestions. I grab a couple WD range extenders along with the Bridge to see if that helps. I live in a 3 story 70 year old house so pulling Ethernet through the house is not possible (I can’t even get electricians to upgrade the wiring in some portions of the house due to nature of the construction).

I am forced to go wireless with my Netgear Nighthawk router in the basement next to my Dell desktop and Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I get 130-150Mbits/sec download speed on the Dell (direct connect to the router), but only 30 to 80MBits/sec (wireless) on my other devices on the 1st and 2nd floors of the house - I need to get these speeds up.

It’s possible that the Bridge and range extenders will solve my problem for better and more consistent speeds.
Thanks again for the suggestion. I’ll get back to you on the current FW when I get the devices.

Well, my newer 13/YO house was built with CAT5e into four rooms and I have network switches in each with lots of stuff connected. I am spoiled, for sure, but I can still “feel your pain!” You may need more than one bridge!

I am also taking WD bridge into consideration although my current routers are not AC, so I am wondering if it will help having bridge next to the WD player in order to get better streaming of HD content.

The bridge uses 5G signal, a /c is just a variant of 5G. I use it with a dual-band router that is 5G only; not a/c. It is as fast as a wired connection with a strong 5G signal. Let us know if you get the WD bridge, so we can give you the tips to help you get the most from it.

Any idea if maybe they’re coming out with a new model which will support the newer 265 format or th 4K resolution?

let me have a look …

nope, it’s unclear … no idea :wink:

this is a “user forum” nobody here knows, so it’s a pointless question to ask.

Obvious the Questioner didn’t even read this thread, because that is what it is all about. Let’s hope the Swami’s statement will kill this sort of question once and for all.

I guess it’s official now … all current WDTV Discontinued (No longer listed on the WD Website or WD Store)

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OK, they have cleaned the slate, but does not indicate they are completely out of the media player business – yet.

I was thinking the other day after reading the hype about the new PR series of NASs, with them having built-in PLEX capabilities, and stating they play one’s local media, too, that this could be the “current WDTV” for now; albeit a pretty pricey one, too. Maybe a separate player unit will appear in a few months for all the other NASs out there. Just another guess.

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or it does indicate they are completely out of the media player business

depends on perspective :wink:

The main thing I use my WDTV for is to play my reasonably large collection of DVD images (.ISO files). It can list all the titles in my library, and when I select one from the menu, it can play them with the original DVD menu, exactly as if I had the actual DVD in a DVD player. Does anyone know of another device that will do this as well as the WDTV does it?

my Raspberry Pi 3 and 4K Android Box can do that (both running XBMC/Kodi) … .ISO’s with DVD Menus work fine :slight_smile:

Just set up my Raspberry Pi 3 and Kodi. Works perfectly with my ISO and avi files.
Great alternative to watching my movies with my Seagate Personal Cloud NAS now that WD is out of the WD Live business. I have 3 WD Live boxes. Hope they last a long time, but at least Kodi is a perfect alternative.

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