Is WD TV Media Player Discontinued


i mainly watch MKV and MP4 files … which work perfect on the RPi3 (using local hdds and a WD MyCloud)

P.S. Using a FLIRC case … really keeps everything cool, and looks nice :smile:


FLIRC case is exactly the case I am using. I bought it based on your recommendation in a June 10 reply. It is a perfect case for long term running of the Raspberry Pi 3 using Kodi. BTW, the Kodi version I am using is OSMC that came with the NOOBS RPi3 software.


Need to mention Amazon Fire TV w/Kodi installed. It has worked great for music and all video files now that a few updates to Fire TV Stick and Kodi have come along.

Just ordered an Amazon Prime Deal of the Day yesterday with a free Fire Stick included with the 32" TV for a spare bedroom. Kodi on it should work out well.

BTW, does anyone know if I have to install Kodi again for new TV, or will the previously installed app just show up on any additional Fire TV menus on other TVs?


I’m running LibreELEC on my RPi3 :slight_smile:


I’ve also tried LibreELEC and it works just as well as OSMC. Both are excellent software packages to run Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3


Still currently available in the Australia / Pacific market (July, 2016). Although WD has a confusing nomenclature for their current and legacy (discontinued) models, the WD TV Media Player is still available and still supported (firmware updated recently). Some features have been discontinued, mainly obsolete apps. Many people in these forums get into a state of confusion as to what is actually going on because they don’t bother to check the ACTUAL model being commented upon. Read TWICE, then comment once would be the safest bet :slight_smile:


Australia / QLD here … had a quick look at my local stores for the 2014 WDTV Media Player

JB Hi-Fi … no

Officeworks … nope

Harvey Norman … nadda

I’m sure you might be able to find a smaller retailer / computer shop that might have some old stock left (and of course there’s ebay)

But, if WD are no longer selling them … and Major Retailers are no longer selling them, then that looks pretty much like a Discontinued Product to me.


I have seen them for sale in both OfficeWorks, and JB Hi-Fi (Coffs Harbour, NSW) within the last month. On open and accessible display too, although some retailers prefer to display newer and competing products (read Apple TV, 4) with more prominence to older products (WD TV Media Player). I bought mine @ OfficeWorks last December as a Xmas catalogue special A$99.00.
Check this staticice page out and you will find about a half dozen online retailers still listing them for sale at competitive prices.



I am also using an ASUS Nexus (Android TV) player with KODI installed. Seems to perform well with all file types including the HEVC x265 mkv files. I also have Archos and VLC Player Android for TV apps, but KODI is my favourite by far. My only criticism is that it doesn’t always find and play my sub, srt subtitle files and have to download them again via the app.

Still love using my WD TV Media Player though, particularly for my large library of ISO files on my media server.


those prices are ridiculous ! …

damnm, think i’ll box up mine up (rarely use it) and flog it off and still make a tidy profit :wink:

Raspberry Pi 3/Kodi is my Main Player now + 4K Android Box for 4K/HEVC/VP9/10-Bit/60FPS stuff.

i’ve never had any problems with that personally … but, i do Mux all my Subs into the video file to keep everything neat’n’tidy[quote=“et_tu_Brute, post:49, topic:166244”]
but KODI is my favourite by far

100% Agree ! … if a media player does not support support Kodi, then it’s not worth buying :wink:


I had a horrid time yesterday with my WDTV box, and after reading the thoughts on Kodi, may jump sooner than later.

Basically yesterday went like this…

  • turn on box, play files fine.
  • turn on again a few hours later, "file format not supported’ with file I was just playing.
  • reboot box, still get the ‘file format not supported’ message.
  • pull power cord, let it sit for 10 minutes and reboot, file plays again.
  • One hour later had to add a file, so hard drive was removed, re-added. Again getting the 'file format not supported.
  • Another power plug reset, file plays again
  • Getting the pink screen at least five times a day now.

yeah, getting really tired of dealing with this box, along with the long processing delays and remote lag…


I just got a Sony BD player. It streams all formats, so have retired my WDTV box.


That is great to know!!! Thanks for the info. I’ll look into getting a Sony BD player. My WDTV boxes are 4-5 years old and I am getting concerned that they may die on me soon. They are used daily on 3 TVs. Is there a particular model you bought?


I got the BDP S-3500, but I think that’s been superseded by the S-3700. I still have a WDTV in the bedroom, but may replace that too.


Sony BD player = Cinavia … brrr, no thanks


Thank you :blush:


Please explain. I don’t understand what you mean. Thanks


Cinavia is a newer copy protection of the past couple of years. Bad news, newer players can detect it (older ones can’t) and if a DVD/BD is not an original disc (but a disk copy, OR a digital file) Cinavia can tell and shuts down player. Best to not use a newer DVD player for playing digital files created fro original disc.

Some DVD file rippers can bypass CInavia (e.g. AnyDVD).

Currently now have two Amazon Fire TVs w/Kodi installed, and media plays as if from a WDTV – and no CInavia issues.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about Cinavia copy protection. I usually use Wondershare Video Converter or Streaming Video Converter, sometimes AnyDVD May have to stick to my Amazon Fire TV Stick or my Raspberry Pi running Kodi, if I run into problems. I’m always on the lookout for a media streamer that takes all file types and has a good menu system to pull up my NAS files. Thanks again for the help.


Had a lifetime license for AnyDVD HD for years. Never had an issue with it. BTW, the company was shut down in February after 16 years. I think the island government actually wanted the owner, but two weeks later all the main employees resurrected the company, got AnyDVD updated and formed a new company called Red Fox and are totally back in business!