Is there any official word on coronavirus and RMA's?

your not supposed to be charged 25 dollars this is BS never been charged for advanced RMA over 15 yrs of doing advanced Service and now total BS

That sounds about right. I didn’t take the Advance RMA option. Just paid shipping.

well Advanced RMA is always free… it was free 15 yrs and was free in march… but looks like after WD was frauding customers with SMR drives in regular NAS drives looks like they need money for the class action law suit and through in a hidden charge in an email after you processed it…
as the website doesnt state 25 dollar charge… always just paid shipping but looks like WD gouging ripping people off now…

they denied my vaild bought external hd from Walmart i bought. and has keep it. claims i tamper with it. it was a doa hd. what would be the point. wont send it back.

Standard RMA is free, Advanced Replacement, I’m pretty sure there has been a fee, at least for the last 10 - 15 years.

not for me past 15 yrs Advanced RMA has always been free all i ever had to do was give my credit card number… in march i had to do the Call in center as they had stopped doing credit cards online for a long time… but with Covid they brought back the ADvanced RMA to the website… they stopped because of privacy concerns with Credit cards… so it was only Call in… but now its back and then i got this extra charge… Least in Canada they werent Charging for Advanced RMA… reason i like to know what changed

after reading email and talking to walmart.
if wd does not talk to me next week. am filing a credit card charge back.

I thought the threads on forums about the Covid-19 were closed a long time ago. In 2020 it was a boom, but now I think everyone is already sick of this subject. I know it is challenging because many families lost their families, but we should accept the situation and move on. I remember I was terrified of it initially, and I bought several kits from, and I did a saliva test once a week to ensure I don’t have this disease. My mother suffered from diabetes, and she wasn’t even getting out of the house for months. I felt terrible for her.

I encountered a similar situation. I also sent in my CD on the 12th and was notified that the system had received it. But it wasn't all that smooth because it was tracked, but no updates. But when the update took place, nothing changed, and all because the update went through, but the drive was still not received. So the only solution I see is to contact support en masse. Things are complicated with this coronavirus, though. Good thing I at least bought myself instant covid tests at and can check myself at any time to see if I am sick or not.